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Archives for November 13, 2013

Checkout Fuel Burn – Our Latest App Offering!

Fuel Calculator and Timer

Fuel Burn is a convenient way to compute required fuel and reserves for Private Pilots.

  • Computes range in time and distance
  • Inputs for cruise speed, available fuel, taxi-takeoff allowance and cruise fuel burn rate
  • Presets for 30 (day), 45 (night/IFR) and 60 minute fuel reserves
  • Fuel level display is color coded
  • The app will signal the user with a notification when only reserve fuel is remaining


Fuel Burn Settings Page

Fuel Burn Settings Page

Fuel Burn Status Page

Fuel Burn Status Page

FAA Cycle 1312 IAP, TPP, A/FD now available for download

The files for the 1312 Cycle which starts Thursday November 14, 2013 are now available for download. This includes the following:

Power Pilot A/FD downloads via Power Pilot iOS app (For info on App, Click here)
PDF A/FD (Airport and Facility Directory). (Download Here)
PDF TPP (Approach Plates) (Download Here)

Please let us know if you find any problems with the files.